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We give a list of tips to act in the event of flooding:

If you live in a house, it makes it cleaned and inspected once a year gutters or downspouts so that rain water will easily drain. These channels are often filled with garbage, leaves and other things.
Make sure that the ceilings withstand strong winds, rain
Check electrical installations (mostly heating) so that no fire will not occur and there is no danger of electrocution
Keep a supply of drinking water, food, flashlight, matches and candles, especially during the rainy season
Check that you have a complete list of all aid services (fire, hospital, ambulance service, police, municipality)
During the flood:

Keep your family safe area. There you pass through rivers, canals flooded, flooded places without being accompanied by a specialized staff (unless you have no choice). In danger, particularly if you use a car, you never underestimate the strength of the current.
If you judge that the only way to get by is using the car then, be careful at intersections and crossings; Water may arise from the side hard enough dragging stones, mud and other things. Does not cross bridges which water levels reach the upper edge. The bridge foundations are weak. If the car engine stopped, I left him immediately.
Always try to go to the higher elevations.
Stay tuned to downed power pole or broken wires, water is electrically conductive.
After the flood:

Make sure that the foundation of your house or building have been fairly solid
before entering your home, cut the electricity
Stay away from all downed electrical wires
using flashlights, matches and candles can be dangerous if there is a gas leak

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