plumbers CA
We are organized to immediately and fully identified with suitable and surroundings, eps courses heights and current staff, we can colaborarles in all nesecidades. We offer the following services:

1. We uncovered pipes without breaking with electric probes (k60, k50, 1500 k5 k). siphons, toilet, sink, rain downspouts and sewage manholes and others.
2. Service digital geophone latest technology to detect drinking water leaks not visible.
3. Increase pressure hot and cold water.
4. Desinundamos with rain and sewage pumps.
5. Wash and installation of storage tanks aerial and underground water.
6. Installation and repair of faucets, heaters, food grinders, electric showers and more.
7. Repair sencios monocontroles mixers or showers, dishwasher and sink.
8. Inpermaebilizamos terraces, soteas, domes, and others.
9. instalacción and repair of pipes in PVC, CPVC, galvanized and copper.
10. Settlement of broken pipes, change records in passing, installation of meters and others.

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